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West Grove Best Sights

West Grove is a charming suburb in Southern Chester County, PA. It is one of those increasingly rare places where families purchase or rent homes to enjoy that feeling of neighborliness and comfort from living in an area with less than 3,000 residents. This is a place where a visit to a local retail establishment will probably see you greeted by name by the shop owner.

However, the area has seen recent development with large malls and other attractions adding to its country charm. The challenge for those who are visiting West grove is to identify the local attractions that will offer educational opportunities, cultural experiences, and fun in equal measure. Here are some that have proven popular with both residents and visitors to the suburb.

For lovers of fine wines and spirits, a visit to Kreutz Creek Vineyards is highly recommended. This family-owned vineyard has been in operation since 1989 – and visitors are offered the opportunity to enjoy a tasting experience that includes some fabulous examples of reds, whites, and rose wines. A tour of the 20-acre property (of which 8 acres are planted with vines) is a delight. Check out the vineyard website as there are numerous special events held regularly – many of them perfect for a family day out with the kids. Another great option for wine lovers is Va Lay Vineyards, where Avondale Field Wines are produced. There are also numerous other vineyards that will reward with great taste and a memorable experience.

For lovers of history, a visit to Primitive Hall will be a delight. This manor house was designed by Joseph Pennock in 1738 and sat on 1,250 acres of land. The interior of the manor house has been restored to its original condition and offers visitors a fascinating insight into the lives of the wealthy, landed class who made this part of Pennsylvania their home. Much of the original furniture has also been restored to a pristine condition which adds to the air of authenticity that pervades this fascinating destination.

Nature lovers will be delighted to spend some time at Goddard Park. Here dogs and hikers, and those in search of the perfect place to have a family picnic share in the delights of rolling countryside and around 2.5 miles of trails set on 125 acres.

However, the delights of taking a seat at a table at one of West Grove’s great dining destinations should not be ignored when one is exploring the suburb. The Twelves Grill and Cafe has built a fabulous reputation – in part to menu offerings that include American classics and some inspired vegan options. For lovers of both pasta and pizza, a meal at Pasqualies Pizza is bound to be rewarding. Of special mention are the great cheesesteaks and the chicken parmesan. The many varieties of burgers and some great pasta dishes are also all worth exploring.

West Grove is a little suburb that will still reward those who are willing to go exploring. History, culture, and great food are all part of the West grove experience. Take some time to visit, and you will not be disappointed.

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