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Air Conditioning Repair & HVAC Services

Air Conditioning Repair Services

Is your home or business not as cool as it used to be? An AC repair may be just what your home or business needs! We can come diagnose any air conditioning issues and recommend what is best for you. We cover all aspects of an AC repair and offer great prices for our great work! Our Technicians have experience with all types of units so there is no system we can’t repair.

Common AC Problems that may warrant a need for a repair:

  • Unit Fan hums without turning on
  • Water is leaking from the unit
  • Unit is not getting power
  • The Evaporator coil is freezing
AC Repair, Installation and maintenance Services

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    AC Replacement & Installation

    Central Air Unit Repair

    Central Air Unit’s often require repairs due to external issues. SInce they are located outside of the home, weather, leaves and opther external influences can cause them to fail. Let MJK Mechanical inspect your non working Central Air unit and fix the issue.

    AC Unit Repair

    Ductless, Mini Split Repair

    MJK Mechanical’s expert technicians have the experience to diagnose any ductless, mini split unit problems. Whether it be an individual unit issue or a hub issue, MJK will disgnose and repair the problem. 

    AC Maintenance Plan

    Post Repair Maintenance

    After an AC Unit Repair, it is important to look into properly maintaining the unit in the future. This will reduce the chance for any new damage to take place and the need for any more repairs. MJK Mechanical offers maintenance plans for this reason.

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