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Local Sports in West Chester PA

West Chester, Pennsylvania, has various sports associations that welcome sports enthusiasts to participate in different games every year. It has multiple lighted fields suitable for sports like football, softball, baseball, field hockey, soccer, and lacrosse. The city is home to more than ten different leagues that comprise over 10,000 participants. It shows the active participation of sports enthusiasts who want to stay fit and enjoy the competitive nature of other games.

Local sports leagues in West Chester

Some of the most popular local sports played in West Chester are senior softball, softball for girls, mixed softball, soccer, lacrosse, football, field hockey, and baseball. The different sports associations conduct various tournaments and sports leagues throughout the year according to different age groups. A few leagues that players look forward to participating are as follows:

• West Chester Wildfire for youth fastpitch softball
• Chester County Coed for adult slow-pitch softball
• East Side Little League Baseball and West Chester Youth Lacrosse, both for young baseball and lacrosse enthusiasts
• Little All-American Football for young football players
• West Chester United Soccer both for young and adult soccer lovers
• Brandywine Valley Senior Softball Association for adults over the age of 60

The sports associations conduct these leagues at different times of the year. Interested participants can get in touch with the associations to take part in the leagues. First, however, you need to establish that you are a player of the respective sport. For example, if you are a football player, you need to prove to the associations that you are a football player. Furthermore, the associations are quite strict about the fitness levels and professionalism of participating candidates.

Sponsoring local sports leagues

It takes a lot of money to organize these sports leagues. Fortunately, West Chester has various corporate sponsors who are willing to sponsor the leagues every year. The most notable sponsors who provide a chunk of the money to organize the competitions are Local 542 Operating Engineers, Local 654 Electrical Union, O’Rourke & Sons Steel, WHW Construction, and Kelly’s Sports.

In addition to the corporate sponsors, many political sponsors also contribute to organizing different sports leagues in West Chester. Some of the political sponsors you may come across are Former Representative Elinor Z. Taylor, Representative Chester County Commissioners office, Representative Barbara McIlvaine Smith office, and Senator Andy Dinniman.

Age group to participate in local sports leagues.

The best part about the local sports leagues in West Chester is that children and adults of different age groups can participate. For example, the children’s leagues have an age group between 6 and 17. In addition, this age group has different categories, such as 6 to 8, 9 to 11, and so on, thus making the games competitive.

Senior citizens are also welcome to participate in the sports mentioned above. Older adults can join up to the age of 90. Just make sure you are physically fit to play the sport you love.

The wide range of sports and massive age group for participation makes the leagues interesting. You can talk to one of the sports associations about participating in one of the local sports for the next league.

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