New Castle, DE Process Piping & Pipe Fabrication Services


Industrial Piping Services in New Castle, DE

  New Castle County is the most populous county in Delaware, with a population of over 570,000. As a center for  economic activity, the county features a large number of commercial and industrial businesses. At MJK Mechanical, we offer a variety of piping services in New Castle County, DE, to assist in the smooth operation of such businesses. We focus on high-quality pipe designs and installations.


New Castle County, DE Process Piping Services


New Castle, DE Process Piping Services

Process piping involves an interconnected system of pipes and valves designed specifically to transport materials for mixing or separating. Process piping is essential to the manufacturing of food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and other products that require careful handling. Water treatment and chemical processing also depend on this technology. MJK Mechanical offers process piping services in New Castle, DE, providing local industrial facilities with professional systems for their specific needs. Each design features unique materials and components according to the materials that the pipes need to transport. 

Piping Fabrication Services in New Castle, DE


Piping Fabrication Services in New Castle, DE

MJK Mechanical provides piping fabrication services for commercial and industrial facilities in New Castle, DE. We design and install custom pipes for a wide range of uses. Our professional mechanics consult with each client to determine their size requirements and the optimal material for their piping. Material options include carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. We guarantee swift and precise piping fabrication to get your systems set up in no-time. You can rely on our expertise to design, fabricate, and install durable piping for your New Castle facilities.  Contact us today for a free estimate.


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