Parks of West Chester Pennsylvania

Parks in West chester

Explore The Wonderful Parks Of West Chester Pennsylvania

In a world that has become increasingly fast-paced and perhaps made people more anxious than they should be – especially when faced with the stresses of Big City life, places like West Chester, Pennsylvania, are a breath of fresh air.

West Chester PA, is the sort of place where the quality of life is based on both the people – and the incredible attraction of a small-town America that is under threat from the relentless march of time.

But, it is not only the charm of the quaint roadside shops downtown that attracts people to West Chester – but it is also the beautiful parks that are within easy reach of the town (or within its limits). Those green spaces are attracting visitors- and those who want to make the town their home – and enjoy a gentler way of life – and one that is becoming increasingly hard to find in this fast-paced world.

So which parks in West Chester would be worthy of immediate attention? Here are some great options.

The first must, of course, be Marshall Square Park. This was the first of the town’s parks to be established. It was designed in recognition of the excellent Washington Square Park in Philadelphia. Today the original carriage tracks where the well-to-do used to enjoy the park’s beauty are still visible. The fountain, which was once a focal point of the park – but was sadly neglected has been restored to its former glory. This is a park where the shadows of majestic trees and rolling lawns provide shelter for those seeking peace of mind. However, the wonderful kid’s playground also makes it the perfect venue for families.

Then there is Everhart Park. This is the second oldest of the parks in West Chester. At 10 acres, it provides the perfect venue for a morning or afternoon of exploration. In the early 1900s, the park was born again, with a new pond and Gazebo. Today there are numerous spaces for a great day out with the family – including some significant barbecue areas and two kids’ playgrounds.

1996 Saw West, Goshen Community Park, opened its doors to the public and is today one of the most popular green spaces in the town. It’s pretty petite compared to the previous two mentions – at around 32 acres – but it is fabulous for those of the active frame of mind. It has a multi-purpose field suitable for soccer, two great sand Volleyball courts, four tennis courts, and several basketball courts. But is the great kids’ play areas and picnic tables (with charcoal grills) make it one of the most popular parks in the town.

There are numerous other parks in the town, such as East Goshen park and Stroud Preserve; although not defined as a park, it is a fabulous green space that deserves exploration. West Chester is a location that encourages an outstanding balance between work and plays. This is one of the reasons that many people are choosing it as a home base – it’s a simple quality of life issue.

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