The Essential Seasonal Guide to Air Conditioning Maintenance

Ensuring your air conditioning continues to perform that task is the most essential thing on your list. MJK Mechanical understands the significance of your air conditioning system working at its best around the clock. This document presents excellent knowledge on seasonal maintenance and circumstances for you and your family to guarantee that your air conditioning system is in the proper condition while also retaining the cool temperature of the house and spending as little money as possible as the years go by in problems and service expenses.

Understanding Air Conditioning Maintenance

For your HVAC system to operate efficiently and last a long time, regular checks and adjustments are part of air conditioning maintenance. Simple filter replacements to more involved system tune-ups and inspections are all included in this list of jobs. Frequent maintenance extends the life of the system, optimizes its performance, and helps prevent unplanned malfunctions.

Why Regular Maintenance is Essential

Regular air conditioning maintenance makes your system run as efficiently as it can, which can save you a lot of money on your energy bills. It also improves your overall comfort by keeping the air quality and temperature consistent throughout your space. Preventive maintenance also reduces the chances of expensive emergency repairs and prolongs the lifespan of your system.

Seasonal Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Spring Preparation

Spring is the perfect time to prepare your air conditioning system for the heavy lifting it will do during the summer months. Here are some essential maintenance tasks to undertake:

  • System Inspection and Servicing: Book your professional inspection through your reliable service provider—such as MJK Mechanical. Our qualified technicians look out for coolant levels, and electric components, and make sure everything is in its perfect condition.
  • Cleaning or Replacing Air Filters: Clean or replace filters for improved system airflow and to enhance air quality. A dirty air filter forces the system to work harder, which will increase energy usage and may cause system failures.
  • Clearing the Surrounding Area: Clear the surroundings of the outdoor unit from any obstruction—leaves, branches. This will allow your unit to get free flow for the air and increase efficiency.

Summer Vigilance

During summer, your air conditioning system works the hardest. To ensure it performs efficiently, focus on the following:

  • Regular Filter Checks and Changes: Filters should be checked and replaced at least by considering the hours of use. Filters may require more frequent changes during high use times.
  • Thermostat Settings: Set the thermostat to a good high temperature during summer days and, if possible, raise it when away from home to help save on cooling costs.
  • Check for Leaks: Regularly look out for any lines of the coolant. It could dramatically change the efficiency and capacity of your air conditioning system.

Fall Tune-Up

In fall, as the cooling season winds down, it’s important to address any issues that may have arisen over the summer and prepare your system for a period of lesser use.

  • Comprehensive System Check: Allow MJK Mechanical to take you through a detailed system check to tackle any wear and tear from the summer and get the equipment prepared for the upcoming year.
  • Thermostat Calibration: Be sure that your thermostat always remains well calibrated in order to attain good energy conservation and keep comfort levels at the maximum level.
  • Covering the Outdoor Unit: Consider covering the outdoor unit to avoid an accumulation of falling leaves and other debris this fall and winter.

Winter Watchfulness

While your air conditioning may not be in use during the colder months, winter is an ideal time to plan for any major repairs or replacements.

  • System Rest: Allow your system to rest and use that time to plan any possible replacements or upgrades  for the next cooling season.
  • Regular Visual Inspections: Even during off-season, periodically check your system for any issues that could be addressed before the next use.


Proper maintenance of your air conditioning equipment becomes all the more important to enjoy efficient performance, lengthen its life, and maintain air quality at home. We, at MJK Mechanical, provide professional and detail-oriented maintenance services designed according to your needs to be met with changing seasons. Please check our website at MJK Mechanical to get an overview of the different services offered to keep your system running right year-round. Follow this essential guide to seasonal air conditioning maintenance, and you will ensure that your unit keeps running in tip-top condition. Thus, it will save you money and not from having to worry about climate, no matter what season it is.


It’s sort of like going to the doctor for a check-up every year for your air conditioning system: recommended that the unit be professionally serviced at least once per year, ideally in the spring before summer has you demanding its benefits.

These are early warnings of your air conditioning unit’s reduced capacity to cool, the start of producing strange noises, higher bills on your energy costs, and uneven cooling for some zones of your living area or office.

Yes, you can also do some of the maintenance work by yourself: cleaning and replacing air filters, and debris around the outdoor unit. But for the technical stuff, better leave it to the pros. 

A clogged air filter will reduce the airflow; hence, the system has to work extra hard, consuming extra power and could develop further mechanical problems or shorten the lifespan of the system. 

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends setting thermostats at 78°F (26°C) at home and at the highest comfortable temperature when you’re away to save on cooling costs.

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