Your Complete Guide to Furnace Installation: What Homeowners Need to Know

For both comfort and security, make sure your house has a strong heating system. Installing a furnace is a complex process and the utmost knowledge and caution is required. A Furnace Installation and Repair industry leader, MJK Mechanical offers homeowners a comprehensive guide to steer you through the intricacies of furnace installation. The guide is meant to give you the knowledge you require to make knowledgeable decisions concerning your heating needs and to better understand the installation process.

Understanding the Basics of Furnace Installation

It is important to understand the fundamentals of furnace installation before getting into the details. This procedure entails deciding which kind of furnace is best for your house, being aware of how it works, and making sure it is installed appropriately for maximum efficiency and performance.

Types of Furnaces

Furnaces come in a variety of forms, with gas, electric, and oil-powered versions among them. Every type offers advantages and things to think about.

Gas Furnaces: In places where gas is easily accessible, they are well-liked for their effectiveness and affordability.

Electric Furnaces: Perfect for places without gas or where the cost of electricity is lower. They are renowned for being long-lasting and simple as well.

Oil Furnaces: Often seen in places where oil is more cost-effective than gas and electricity, although requiring more upkeep.

Choosing the Right Size

It’s important to choose the right size for your furnace. A unit that is too big will cycle on and off more frequently, decreasing efficiency and longevity, while a unit that is too tiny won’t heat your house sufficiently. The experts at MJK Mechanical can do a thorough evaluation of your house to establish the ideal furnace size, taking into account elements like the size of your family’s living space, the quality of the insulation, and your home’s insulation requirements.

The Installation Process

Installation of a furnace is a multi-step procedure best left to licensed professionals. Here’s what to anticipate:

  • Initial Assessment:
    The initial assessment performed by a skilled expert will determine the amount of heat your house needs, check the existing ductwork and review insulation and ventilation in your home. This preliminary examination ensures the successful and efficient functioning of your new furnace.
  • Choosing the Furnace:
    The professional will make a recommendation on the best furnace suited for your needs, based on the assessment. This determination will consider fuel preferences, budget and the amount of heating capacity needed for your home.


The installation process involves several steps:

  • Removal of the Old Furnace: Safely unplugging and taking out the current heating system.
  • Preparation of the Area: Ensuring that the area is prepared for the new furnace, including making any ducting or venting system adjustments that may be required.
  • Installation of the New Furnace: Assembling the new unit with caution, making sure to connect the gas, electrical, and ventilation systems.
  • Testing: The system is extensively tested to make sure it functions properly and effectively after installation.

Post-Installation Tips

Following installation, there are a few things you can do to make sure your new furnace is efficient and long-lasting:

  • Regular Maintenance: To maintain your furnace operating at its best, make an appointment for MJK Mechanical’s yearly inspections and maintenance.
  • Filter Changes: To preserve the quality of the air and avoid putting stress on the furnace, replace or clean the filter on a regular basis.
  • Thermostat Settings: To increase efficiency, use programmable thermostats to set the temperature according to your daily routine and personal preferences.


Choosing a furnace not only represents a major investment in the comfort and energy efficiency of your home, but the available models are varied and the installation itself is a delicate process. Every step is important, from choosing the right unit to sizing the system. Professional installers such as MJK Mechanical are available to help you during every step of the process, and offer the services you need to stay warm and comfortable. Are you interested in learning more about these furnace installation and repair services? Visit our webpage.

Recall that a well-chosen and installed furnace can offer years of dependable heating. You can rely on MJK Mechanical to provide the knowledge and assistance you require for a smooth and effective furnace installation process.

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